SB's Wine Page

British Columbia is increasingly becoming known for the quality of its wines. Whether it is the Okanagan, Vancouver Island or the Fraser Valley, there are wineries making some truly amazing wines!

Unfortunately, many of them are getting very expensive. And most people don’t even hear about some of the best ones. They tend to be made in very small supply, only available at the winery and only sold by the case. As a result, few people know about – or have access – to them.

That’s why I formed SB’s BC Wine Club. It gives me – and a group of like minded friends – a chance to access some of the best wines being made in BC.

I keep a watchful eye on the BC wine industry and regularly travel to its various locations to try new vintages and wines. Kettle Valley, Blue Mountain, Nichol Vineyards, La Frenz, Township 7, Averill Creek...these are the kinds of wineries that I monitor on a regular basis (and get on the mailing lists if necessary).

When I find out new vintages are going to be released, I let the club members know.  I also ask if they want to go in together to buy some. There tends to be a very quick “turnaround time” for this, as some of these wines can sell out quickly (sometimes even within hours). But for a number of years now we have been able to get our share.

If you are interested in SB’s Wine Club, please send me an email at Membership is free, although there is a fee for my services if/when you choose to buy wine.